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B Well & Me

B Well provides a wide range of training programmes, activities and events designed to improve the health and wellbeing of all our staff. In this section, find out what some staff are doing to “b well” – either using trust courses/resources or other external services on their doorstep.

Gary loves Here 4 U Soccer

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Gary works as an admin assistant in PCSS. Last year he joined the Here 4 U soccer team and now plays each week at the Olympia leisure centre alongside team members from across the Trust.

Soccer is just one of the activities provided through the Here 4 U programme.

Sinead and Mindfulness

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Working as a Health Advisor at the GUM Clinic in RVH Sinead often has to have difficult conversations.  She has found that she can use her mindfulness techniques to help deal with the stresses of daily life.

The mindfulness course is one of a number of courses on offer by Occupational Health.

Rachel builds Resilience

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Rachel works as a clerical officer in the health visiting department at Dunluce HC.

Resilience training helped her develop personal skills in dealing with a busy and changing working environment.

Our in-house resilience training day is one of the ways to Mind Ur Mind.

Joanne gets Active

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Joanne is a Senior Nurse Practioner in the Mental Health Home Treatment Team.

Crossfit gives her a sense of achievement and helps relieve stress after a busy day.

Read more about the benefits of physical activity in B Active.

Brendas weight-loss Success

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Brenda works in the trust’s litigation department in McKinney house. In January 2o15 she took part in the £ for lb 12 week weight loss programme.

Supported throughout, she lost 1/2 stone and felt much fitter and healthier.

Could you take part in the £ for lb challenge next year?

Belfast Trust goes Smoke free on 9th March 2016

In the lead up to going smoke free a number of staff members share their experience of smoking. If you want to quit and don’t know where to start, take a look at our smoking cessation pages.

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