Dyslexia/Literacy Support at Work

Supporting Our people

Support Our Staff with Literacy Difficulties

  • Do you struggle with reading and writing?
  • Is your memory not great?
  • Is English not your first language?
  • Do you find it difficult to concentrate when reading or writing?
  • Have you visual problems?
  • Do you prefer to listen rather than read large reports?
  • Do you have dyslexia?
  • Would you like to produce information for service users/patients in audio or easy read formats?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then the new software the Trust has invested in is for you. The software is called Read&Write.

What can Read&Write do for you?

  • Widgets: Helps you produce documents in ‘easy read’ formats.
  • Masking: This means you can change the colour of your screen or highlight parts of your screen which helps with concentration and reading.
  • Text to Speech: Once installed the software converts written text to speech so that you can listen to large reports, emails rather than read them.
  • MP3 Generator: The software allows you to easily create audio files.
  • PDF’s: PDF documents can be edited, read aloud and converted into audio files.

Good News! The software is available to all staff without having to refer to your Manager, going to Occupational Health or disclosing your difficulties to anyone. Everyone who wants the software can access it discreetly.

Accessing Read&Write: 4 Easy Steps

  • Go to the Hub;
  • Select the “IT Systems” Tab and click “All IT Systems”;
  • Scroll down to “Education, Learning and Development”; and
  • Click on “Read&Write”.

If you want to know more, go to:

  1. Beginners Guide: Read&Write Beginners Guide
  2. Online Tutorials: https://training.texthelp.com
  3. Contact: Estella Dorrian (Equality Manager) estella.dorrian@belfasttrust.hscni.net