Breast Awareness Month

3rd October 2023

Breast Screening- Early detection saves lives!

Breast Screening saves lives by detecting cancers early. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women and attending screening is one of the best ways of detecting Breast Cancer at its earliest stage.

It’s important to check your breasts regularly for any symptoms and see your GP if you are worried about anything

  • A lump or swelling in the breast, upper chest, collarbone area or armpit
  • A change in shape or size including puckering or dimpling of the skin
  • A change in the colour of the breast- the breast may look red or inflamed
  • Any nipple changes including recent pulling in, redness, unusual discharge, rash or crusting

In Northern Ireland, approximately 1/3 of all women diagnosed with Breast cancer have been through the NHS Breast Screening Programme.

If registered as a female with a GP and aged 50-70 you will automatically receive an invitation to attend every three years for Breast Screening. Did you know the chances of Breast cancer increase as you get older? Anyone over the age of 70 can attend for Breast Screening by contacting their local Breast Screening unit to arrange an appointment.

Women between the ages of 40-49 years can contact Action Cancer to book a mammogram appointment (028 9080 3344).

If you have recently been offered a screening appointment but are concerned for any reason, please contact your local screening unit where staff are on hand to answer any questions

The Promoting Informed Choice Team are available to deliver information on the Breast Screening Programme to Trust staff or community groups.  Please Contact Paula Kennedy, BHSCT Promoting Informed Choice Lead.

For further information contact the Breast Screening Unit

Tel:     028 90333700


or visit

Breast Screening Programme | Belfast Health & Social Care Trust website (