Nurse Led Skin Clinic

18th May 2023

Occupational Health are piloting a nurse led skin clinic to provide assessment, treatment plans, adjustments and recommendation for fitness to work to all BHSCT staff with work related skin concerns/conditions, for e.g. hand eczema, contact dermatitis or ‘maskne’.

Please note: staff who have moles or blemishes that are causing them concern, should in the first instance seek advice and assessment from their GP. OH Nurse Led Skin Clinic will not be able to offer assessment and/or treatment for this.┬áIf you need advice regarding this please contact the ‘OHskin’ mailbox (

OH Skin Clinic is a self-referral service, however any adjustments we make will communicated to your manager via an OH skin clinic report, therefore we need your to consent for this report being sent to your manager. It is also your responsibility to inform your manager that you have completed the self-referral form.
Further information about the service is available on the OH Loop page.

Once you submit this self-referral form it will be triaged by the OH nurse and we will contact you by email to notify you of an appointment or to request further details. This correspondence will be from:

In line with GDPR guidelines, all information submitted will be treated in strictest confidence.