Women Into Cycling Programme

25th April 2023

Ladies, ready for a new adventure this spring?

 Did you know that 80% adults rarely cycle, if ever! It’s even more so for women.

Reclaim your freedom once more with Sustrans most popular course;

Women into Cycling 6-week programme.

We’ll help you regain confidence, meet likeminded others, learn new skills and fall in love with cycling for fun, leisure and everyday commutes.

Once more it’s FREE to all Belfast Trust staff (Bikes & helmets provided too!)

Starts Tuesday 16th May 6.30pm, CS Lewis Square, Belfast.  To find out more & book your place https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/women-into-cycling-6-week-programme-registration-598590078037

Jen’s story

 I have been working in the Belfast Trust for just over 3 years. I hadn’t ridden a bike for approx. 25 years until about a year ago.

I have memories from my childhood with my dad on our bikes and him running laps of our garden while I was learning to get off the stabilisers.

Through work I was introduced to the Cycle to Work scheme and Sustrans Leading the Way programme. I firstly trialled an e-bike with Dianne, Sustrans Active Travel Officer and then went on to purchase my own e-bike through the Cycle to Work scheme.

I then signed up for Sustrans Woman into Cycling 6-week course as I was keen to cycle to work for both a fitness and a money saving option (with the fuel hike and rising living costs). I also wanted to build confidence as I was terrified of cycling on the road. I need to cycle through Belfast city centre in order to get from home to work. I also wanted to meet people in the same situation as me and share experiences.

I now cycle to work most days and use my bike to meet up with friends for coffee and to go to the local shop as well. I took my bike on recent staycation holiday and from the moment we arrived at the holiday cottage to the moment we left the car stayed in the driveway! Something that would never have happened before.

My advice – Put any self-doubt to the side and go for it!

I would not be cycling to work without the confidence and knowledge gained from the course. The Sustrans team were brilliant and it was great fun!