Belfast Support Team (BeST)

13th December 2022

The BHSCT recognises that incidents and unexpected events have an emotional impact not only for our service users and their families but also to the staff involved.

We want to ensure we support staff in providing safe, effective and compassionate care by making sure peer support is available when these events occur.

BeST is a peer support service which has been established with a number of peer supporters available to provide reassurance and emotional support when unexpected events occur. They can also offer practical advice around processes or put you in contact with an expert in this area, so you feel more comfortable with the processes.

Any member of staff who has experienced the emotional impact of an unexpected event can confidentially be put in contact with a peer supporter.

We have volunteers from across different divisions, professions and grades of staff who have committed to being a peer supporter.

To access this confidential service please click here to complete a short MS form so we can match you with a suitable peer supporter. A member of the central BeST team will then contact you with further details.

Alternatively, you can scan the QR code below.


If you have any queries about the service, please email: