Evening Relaxation with Collette

22nd November 2022

Evening Relaxation with Collette
Sunday 27th November 2022 7-8pm via Zoom.

Please join us for a peaceful evening session of relaxation.  Our skilled yoga teacher, Collette, will guide us through a calming range of breathing exercises, visualisation, self-massage or yoga nidra to help us unwind and de-stress.  Allow yourself this time for self-care.

Never before have the pressures and demands of life been so great.  Stress causes anxiety to worsen, can cause low self-esteem, poor levels of concentration and many other issues.

Relaxation allows us to recognise stress levels and access relaxation when we need it.  Besides which it’s enjoyable and…well… relaxing!

Please register your interest at: https://forms.office.com/r/rf9CXVMhfc