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Knockbraken HCP Week 1 Short 2023
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Brisk walking is a perfect form of exercise as it is low impact, costs nothing and most people of all ages can manage to walk even a short distance. A ten or fifteen minute walk can even be fitted in during your lunch break.

Be inspired about great walks in your local area:


Even if you have never run before, with a short training plan and a bit of encouragement you could be running 5 K in as little as 10 weeks.  With lots of beautiful parks and open spaces in Belfast, you don’t need to be pounding the pavements.

Here are some links to help get you started:


An activity that the whole family can enjoy together, cycling is a great way to increase your activity levels and have some fun together.  With an ever growing network of cycle paths, Belfast is the perfect city to get on your bike!

Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas:

  • Purchase a bike through the Cycle to Work Scheme
  • Sign up for Better Bike Training – coming soon as part of the Here4U programme of free activities
  • Bike between sites for meetings – Find out more in the Trust’s Active Travel Policy
  • Make use of the BelfastBikes network if the route suits